Wunderschöne Stele aus weißem Ton mit rot und grün glasierten Keramikteilen, einer Röhre voller Blumen und einem tollen Abschluss: ein Blumenmädchen (sieht immer wieder etwas anders aus(halt Handarbeit)). Die Stele ist frostsicher gebrannt !!!! Die Stele besteht aus 6 Teilen und hat eine Gesamtlänge

Beautiful Stele of white Clay with red and green glazed Ceramic Parts, a Tube full of Flowers and a great Finish: A Flower girl (looks a Little different again and again (just Handmade)). The Stele is frost-proof burned!!!! The stele consists of 6 parts and has a total length of about 56 cm. The tube has a diameter of approximately 5.5 cm. So that she is particularly beautiful in the garden, I have threaded the parts on a 1.80 m long rod. This bar is not included in the delivery. Please get this in the hardware store or in the locksmith's shop! Collar is included! Important: It must have a diameter of 10 mm!!!!! Irregularities in the structure and surface are the proof of pure manual labor. I do not manufacture anything mechanically, therefore these irregularities are also wanted and no reason for complaint One more thing about frost safe: every clay is porous. Depending on the firing temperature, the clay is sintered, meaning that it does not allow water to be more pure nor raus....er is dense!!!!! Some Tonmassen do not make it, some furnaces cannot burn high enough. I burn each color according to the sintering temperature. Therefore, my work is frost-proof, whether it comes to temperature fluctuations, wetness etc. Therefore, my work is also priced slightly higher, I had to invest much more electricity, the glazes are usually more expensive and above all: The furnace is more expensive and does not last long, it has no long life time!!!